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Miniature Donkeys for Sale
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Bed & Breakfast   


Welcome to Morning Star Ranch! 

Thank you for visiting our website which describes our wonderful little working ranch.  We purchased this property in 1999, and have consistently worked to make improvements since then.  It is truly a work in progress. 

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Here at the ranch you will find Miniature Sicilian Donkeys, Tennessee Walking Horses, handsome Irish Dexter Cattle, several pet goats - and some fabulous fancy pygora and pycazz goats,  Araucana chickens, Rudy the ranch dachshund, and newest addition of Murphy the English Shepherd.  You will find fat cats lazing about the barn - basically ignoring their job of rodent control.

Two larger lakes and three smaller ponds provide water for the animals as well as home for fish and wild waterfowl.  Great Wide-mouth bass fishing in the two larger lakes.

There is a swimming pool behind the Lodge.  There is no lifeguard, so guests swim at their own risk.

In keeping with our "No Host" breakfast policy, a basket of wonderful things to eat for breakfast will be waiting for you to enjoy in the mornings.


A website entirely dedicated to our Bed And Breakfast - with pictures, info, policies, and reservation information is awaiting your visit!

We hope you will come and be a guest in our rustic lodgings where you can enjoy the tranquil country setting - breakfast overlooking pastures of Dexter Cattle; deer emerging from the woods for a drink from one of the lakes; many creatures to watch and pet; Summertime splashing and games in the swimming pool; relaxation and recreation - playing pool, air hockey or ping pong in the cabana; walking in the woods -----even fishing in the lakes.

-----All just 25 minutes from Bryan/College Station, Texas; 45 minutes from Brenham, Huntsville, or Lake Conroe....we are situated in gently rolling hills with lots of trees and no traffic...Texas country at its best!


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